The MaNDala-wise distribution of the names of the rivers in the Rigveda

The MaNDala-wise distribution of the names of the rivers in the Rigveda is as follows:

Rigvedic Rivers
Rigvedic Rivers

Early MaNDala I

SarasvatI : I.3.10-12.

Middle MaNDala I

SarasvatI : I.89.3. Sindhu : I.83.1.

General and Late MaNDala I

GaurI : I.164.4.

RasA : I. 112.12.

Sindhu : I.44.12; 122.6; 126.1; 186.5 (plus the references to the Sindhu in the refrain of the Kutsas in the last verses of I.94-96, 98, 100-103, 105-115).

SarasvatI : I.13.9; 142.9; 164.49, 52; 188.8

JahnAvI : I.116.19. (Ganga)

MaNDala II

SarasvatI : II.1.11; 3.8; 30.8; 32.8; 41.16-18.


VipAS: III.33.1.

SutudrI: III.33.1.

SarasvatI: III.4.8; 23.4; 54.13.

DRSadvatI: III.23.4,

ApayA: III.23.4.

JahnAvI: III.58.6. (Ganga)

MaNDala IV

Sarayu: IV.30.18.

KuSavA: IV.18.8.

Sindhu: IV.30.12; 54.6; 55.3.

ParuSNI: IV.22.2.

VipAS: IV.30.11.

RasA: IV.43.6.

MaNDala V

Sarayu: V.53.9.

KubhA: V.53.9.

Krumu: V.53.9.

AnitabhA: V.53.9.

RasA: V.41.15; 53.9.

Sindhu: V.53.9.

ParuSNI: V.52.9.

SarasvatI: V.5.8; 42.12; 43.11; 46.2,

YamunA: V.52.17.

MaNDala VI

SarasvatI: VI.49.7; 50.12. 52.6; 61.1-7, 10-11, 13-14

HariyUpIyA: VI.27.5.

YavyAvatI: VI.27.6.

GaNgA: VI.45.31.


AsiknI: VII.5.3.

ParuSNI: VII.18.8, 9.

SarasvatI: VII.2.8; 9.5; 35.11; 36.6; 39.5; 40.3; 95.1-2, 4-6; 96.1, 3-6.

YamunA: VII.18.19.


GomatI: VIII.24.30.

SvetyAvarI: VIII.26.18.

SuvAstu: VIII.19.37.

Prayiyu: VIII.19.37.

Vayiyu: VIII.19.37.

Sindhu: VIII.12.3; 20.24, 25; 25.14; 26.18, 72.7.

ArjIkIyA: VIII.7.29; 64.11.

SuSomA: VIII.7.29; 64.11.

AsiknI: VIII.20.25.

ParuSNI: VIII.75.15.

SarasvatI: VIII.21.17, 18; 38.10; 54.4

AMSumatI: VIII.96.13.

RasA: VIII.72.13.

MaNDala IX

Sindhu: IX.97.58.

ArjIkIyA: IX.65.23.

SarasvatI: IX.5.8; 67.32; 81.4.

RasA: IX.41.6.

MaNDala X

Sarayu: X.64.9.

GomatI: X.75.6.

Mehatnu: X.75.6.

KubhA: X.75.6.

Krumu: X.75.6.

Sveti: X.75.6.

RasA: X.75.6; 108.1, 2; 121.4.

Susartu: X.75.6.

TRSTAmA: X.75.6.

Sindhu: X.64.9; 65.13; 66.11; 75.1, 3-4, 6-9.

ArjIkIyA: X.75.5.

SuSomA: X.75.5.

VitastA: X.75.5.

MarudvRdhA: X.75.5.

AsiknI: X.75.5.

ParuSNI: X.75.5.

SutudrI: X.75.5.

SarasvatI: X.17.7-9; 30.12; 64.9; 65.1,13; 66.5; 75.5; 110.8; 131.5; 141.5; 184.2

ASmanvatI: X.53.8.

YamunA: X.75.5.

GaNgA: X.75.5. 

Reference:- Rigveda: A Historical Analysis by SHRIKANT G. TALAGERI.

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