The Cosmic Dance

Dance of Maa Kali and Shree Krishna

Two measures are there of the cosmic dance.

Always we hear the tread of Kali’s feet

Measuring in rhythms of pain and grief and chance

Life’s game of hazard terrible and sweet.

The ordeal of the veiled Initiate,

The hero soul at play with Death’s embrace,

Wrestler in the dread gymnasium of Fate

And sacrifice a lonely path to Grace,

Man’s sorrows made a key to the Mysteries,

Truth’s narrow road out of Time’s wastes of dream,

The soul’s seven doors from Matter’s tomb to rise,

Are the common motives of her tragic theme.

But when shall Krishna’s dance through Nature move,

His mask of sweetness, laughter, rapture, love?

Sri Aurobindo

Chandan Priyadarshi

Chandan Priyadarshi

A student of Spirituality from the ancient city of Nalanda, a Vedantic by faith, an independent philosopher and wanna be philanthropreneur by interest just trying to explore the subtle world of Ancient Philosophy with reference to Modern Science. Having an immense ineterest in Ancient Indian and Vedic Philosophy, Philology, Lexicography, Comparative Religion, Comparative Philosophy, Oriental and Occidental Philosophy, Astrophysics and Astronomy, Ancient and Modern History, Parapsychology, just want to project an integral and synthesized approach of Ancient Philosophy and Modern science to world.

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